Metadata is imperative for


Metadata can be but is not limited to subject matter, topics, keywords, learning level,  content length etc.


Our solution allows you to automatically analyze content and recommend relevant metadata to content authors and editors. These solutions can be used to provide metadata for existing content repositories or can be embedded in the content creation workflow.

  • Scales metadata-tagging process.

  • Increase metadata quality in terms of consistency and quantity.

  • Save time and resources and publish content faster.

  • Increased searchability.

  • Monetize existing content through better content reuse.

  • Enables smart content recommendations.


But what is metadata-tagging?

Also known as meta-tagging, is the process of sorting or

assigning different content automatically through pre-

processing, entity extraction, topic classification, and readability.


 want to know how 360ai

smashes 95% accuracy rate in

metadata-tagging English


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